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Fothere 30-90pcs Disposable Dish Towels Biodegradable Kitchen Rags 24*25cm(9.45"*10.2") Cleaning Rags

Fothere 30-90pcs Disposable Dish Towels Biodegradable Kitchen Rags 24*25cm(9.45"*10.2") Cleaning Rags

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Prevent bacterial transmission kitchen cloth: When using kitchen dish towels, it's important to use a clean towel for each load of dishes to prevent the spread of bacteria and avoid cross-contamination.

Fothere kitchen-only wash rags: Dish washcloths are a type of cleaning cloth that is specifically designed for washing dishes. mainly to remove food particles, grease, and other debris from dishes, utensils, and cookware.

【Multifunction dish towels for kitchen: They can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, such as wiping down surfaces, dusting, polishing, and scrubbing. and are often used in combination with cleaning products.

Fothere biodegradable dish wash cloths】: Degradable plant fiber flowerpots using plant fiber as the main raw material, it’s a new plant fiber environmental protection material.

Accept OEM customization.

Material: 100% Pure plant fiber


Package: 30pcs/Roll

Package: 60pcs/2rolls

Package: 90pcs/3rolls

Weight: 200g/Rolls 

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Customer Reviews

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Payton Thompson

The quality is very good.I haven't tried it yet. Got delivered within the delivery week. Recommended for anyone.

Raymundo Leannon

Very good, it is very useful, the quality and good and the price even better

Modesta Bogan

The truth is that these towels are very good for the price to clean, they arrived in Mexico in just 15 days which surprised me. I liked the colors very much, the fabric is thin but seems resistant.

Kristian Herzog

Fothere Disposable Dish Towels Upgrade and Thicken 30pcs Kitchen Rags 24*25cm Cleaning Rags

Devin Wisoky

As it is in the description but I thought it would come bigger